Message: “Following at a Distance” from David Crespo

David Crespo - November 20, 2022

Following at a Distance

Have you ever followed someone on a bicycle and tried to keep up with them? What you find is… if you don’t keep pace, you will quickly fall behind, and if they don’t slow down it’s very unlikely that you will ever catch up to them. Well today’s message has nothing to do with riding a bike! But it does have to do with the commitment or lack there of when it comes to following Jesus! Those who follow at a distance tend to fall away, and are tempted to go astray! So, If we are to be true followers of Christ we need to be committed! We need to be all in! We need to stay on pace or we will fall behind! Today we join Pastor David Crespo in the Gospel of Mark where we continue in our Sunday Sermon Series titled, “Messiah on the Move” We turn to chapter fourteen where we see that Peter followed Jesus at a distance and he fell behind. What we learn from today’s message is, that there are many who follow Jesus at a distance, for they have a weak commitment to our Lord! They are weak in the faith! We learn from today’s message that there are three reasons why some Christians are weak in their commitment to Christ and what we should do about that! Let’s listen in to learn more!

Scripture References: Mark 14:53-72

From Series: "Messiah on the Move - A study through the Gospel of Mark"

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